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Hot Spots

Get the list of the hottest spots near you. Find out where you should spend your night in just seconds!

Nuvu Hotspots

My Radius

Map out your night and find all the venues nearest you! Easily see how close a pub, club, or restaurant is to your current location.

Nuvu My Radius

Venue Info

Get real-time statistics on a venue such as the guy-to-girl ratio, average age, cover charge, and more!

Nuvu Venue Info

Bar Sight

Meet new people at the bar or club with the Bar Sight feature. Make new friends and start relationships that last forever!

Nuvu Bar Sight


Keep up with what your friends are doing through out the night. Easily communicate with friends right in the app. Making plans is easier without ever leaving Nuvu!

Nuvu Social

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Stay up to date with the latest news. Hear about our upcoming events. And find out what others are saying about Nuvu!

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